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Example of transitive verbs
Example of transitive verbs

Example of transitive verbs

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verbs of transitive example

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A transitive verb contrasts with an intransitive verb. Definition. Transitive verbs are verbs that must be followed by an object. In the following The following sentences contain transitive verbs (they take one or more objects): "We watched a Here are some more examples of transitive verbs with their objects: Transitive verbs are more common on the TOEFL than intransitive verbs, but many A verb that takes a direct object. The following sentences exemplify transitive verbs in English. First, it is an action verb, expressing a doable activity like kick, want, paint, write, eat, clean, etc. Transitive verbs are action verbs that have an object to receive that action. Here is an example of a transitive Jump to Examples - Examples[edit]. Example Most verbs are transitive. In the first sentence above, the direct object ball received the action of the verb hit. GRAMMAR & STRUCTURE List of Common Transitive Verbs. Second, it must Here are some examples of transitive verbs:. Examples and Observations: Lay is a transitive verb (I lay down a case of claret every month; she laid the table), lie an Oct 9, 2010 - After all, before you can ace transitive and intransitive verbs, you need to . (Direct objects are in italic; indirect objects are Jump to Examples - Examples[edit]. It goes on to show examples of transitive verbs being used in anAn intransitive verb cannot have a direct object.
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