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Short form for elizabeth
Short form for elizabeth

Short form for elizabeth

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elizabeth form for short

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Derived from Elizabeth are many short forms and nicknames used in Elizabeth, Lisa, Isabel(la) etc. Ellie is my favourite shortened version of Elizabeth.Which to be honest I'm Not a fan of Lizzy, OH said he'd like her to be Beth for short. I chose to call my middle child Elsie, a form of it. Elizaveta (Eëčçaâeňa), a Russian form of the name, has been in the top 10 names given . Looking for the shorthand of Elizabeth? This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: Elizabeth. Also Used to Anglicize Ealasaid, the Gaelic Form of Elizabeth. Betsy is another shortened version of Elizabeth. Actually, the original Hebrew form of Elizabeth was Elisheva, not Elisheba. Nov 17, 2009 - Elizabeth hit its nadir in 1945, when it dipped to number 26, but it should be noted that its short form Betty was Number 11 that year, after having Jun 30, 2008 - Isabella: Spanish Orszebet: Hungarian Yelisabeta: Russian Oleisa: French Elspeth: Scottish Ilse: German Liesel: German Eilis: Irish Helsa: Danish Like Bessie and Elsa as short for Elisabeth too. (Ail-sa), female female, Hebrew. -- tilly 8/17/2005. It really . Beth, Breath of Life; Also Short for Elizabeth, female, Gaelic. from Hebrew Elisheba, meaning "God is my oath." Lisa was originally a short form of Elisabeth. Pet forms: Liz, Lizzie, Lisa, Betty, Hi all, If we have a little girl, OH has his heart set on Elizabeth. I was also . I've heard of it One shortened version I do love is Betty, but is that just too old fashioned? What do I know someone who gets called Eliza short for Elizabeth! Alena 7/16/2005. .. I always liked Libby as short version of Elizabeth.
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