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Swede form
Swede form

Swede form

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swede form26 Nov 2013Swede form 21 Oct 2010Swede Form12 Apr 2009More results from www.paddling.netKayak Design Fundamentals - Washington Wood Craft it is behind the midship symbol, it is Swede form. does : anyone know of a simple way to figure out the cockpit placement in advance THE sWEDIsH KAyAK TrADITIon AnD THE “sWEDE” ForM in the early 1980s, just before moving from england to sweden, i had the good fortune to meet JohnKayaks that are Swede form have better handling characteristics and displace water more efficiently than %LCB is what often distinguishes whether a kayak is 'Fish' or 'Swede' form. They are about the same max width but their paddle entry area is much narrower at 16-18" and thatLCB determines fish vs. These terms describe the location of the kayak's widest point in relation to its The Swede-form shape (greater underwater volume aft of the midpoint) has less resistance moving at the water's surface than either a fish-form shape (its FYI, Swede form shapes place the greater underwater volume aft of the midpoint and fish form shapes place it forward. When looking at it from Swede Form Shape. Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 23:01:36 +0200 From: Hal Christiansen Subject: [Paddlewise] Pro's and Con's of the "Swede Form" As previously mentioned I am in the Asymmetrical kayaks are divided into two categories: Fish-form and Swede-form. Fish form kayaks have LCB less than 50% of LWL while Swede hull forms are more i'm considering building another sof, with a swede-form hull, this time. A swede form kayak is wider behind the seat for better stability, and narrower in the bow for a smooth entry into the water and a close Dec 8, 2009 - The current kayaks I have are swede form.
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